Accommodation prices and snowmobile prices

Norrsjöns Gästgifveri & Spa has 8 rooms and 25 beds. Our prices are per person per night. Cleaning is included in all prices. During high season we have room rates.

Accommodation Prices:


290.00 kr

Children (3-12 years)

100 SEK

Bed Linen & Towel

120 Kr


75.00 kr

child Breakfast

45.00 kr

Other prices apply during the Vasaloppet


Activity Prices:

canoe rentals

300 kr / full day

scooter Hire

2 h - 800 Kr (ex petrol) Free mil

4 hours - 1400 Kr (ex petrol) Free mil

Full day (8 hrs) - 1900 Kr

Always free miles!

The scooters are gased up when you get it, and you return it refueled!



For residents of Norrsjön, it costs 25Kr / person to enjoy.

If you want to come and go and shower if you live somewhere else, it is also good. Then it costs 100 Kr to turn on the sauna, and then 30 Kr / person.


Rent the whole house

It is also possible to rent the whole house. Then you take care of the entire household and have access to our large kitchen where you cook your own food.

The price for renting the whole house is 6000 / day minimum 2 days

We charge a fee of 3000 for final cleaning, and you wash dishes before you go.

If you want to rent bed linen and towel it costs 120 Kr / Pers.

Cancellation Policy:

If you book at least 5 days before your arrival, no fee will be charged. within 5 days the full amount of the booking will be charged.


At "High pressure weekends" other prices apply. E.g. Vasalopps weeks, etc.

At these weekends, the "First-come" principle also applies. Which means that the room is your first when you have paid for the days you will be staying at Norrsjön. If you cancel 10 days before arrival, the booking fee Norrsjön Gästgifveri & Spa will accrue.

We accept Swish, cash & card payment!